The company “Eurobus – Auto Color Design” is a vertical unit with many years of experience in the repair and maintenance of buses, tracks ,mini buses and cars .

“Eurobus – Auto Color Design” consists of the departments of paintwork, refinishing, engineering, electricians, spare parts and the printing and art sector of vehicles.

With more than 20 buses passing and high percentage of successful repairs daily we are ready to every need of our customers.

Reliability and high quality of services are the basic values for “Eurobus – Auto Color Design”!



The company "Eurobus Service – Auto Color Design" ' is active in the field of painting and refinishing (buses, trucks and various types of vehicles) since 1974. It holds a leading position in Greece, in the field of bus and car painting.

The unit has 3 paint ovens for large and small vehicles. The staff is properly trained, combining long experience, knowledge and use excellent quality materials for perfect results.

The products used in paints are of the company R-M of the BASF group. The services of PAINTS – REFINISHING UNIT include:
  • Repairs & Bus Paints
  • Repairs & Truck Paints
  • Repairs & AUTO Paints
  • Military Paints
  • Sandblasting
  • Colors – Consumables of PAINTS – REFINISHING UNIT
  • Spare parts (Bus- Truck- AUTO)
Having appropriate modern equipment and many years of experience, we undertake the repair and maintenance of the bus, with reliability and in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. We guarantee the best quality with the use of genuine branded spare parts. With appropriate special tools and diagnostic equipment, specialized and many years of knowledge, Eurobus' staff achieves your fastest and effective service for any mechanical or electrical failure.
Since 2003 operates the design and printing department in the field of bodywork (buses - trucks and all types of vehicles) featuring high-tech machinery .The result of our work in digital printing unit has the highest quality .


30+ + workpeople
3000+ + customers
service areas
70+ + service areas
1000+ + plans


"AUTO COLOR DESIGN" represents in Greece and Cyprus the American paint company HENTZEN COATING I.N.C. The company's main product is CARC (Chemical Agent Resistance Coating). A color chosen by the armies of most states, for its following optical - mechanical and chemical uses :
  • Prevents the adhesion of chemicals
  • Simplifies the disinfection process from toxic and radioactive residues
  • Resists ultraviolet (UV) radiation
  • Reflects on infrared radiation (IR) and makes painted vehicles or buildings (invisible) from enemy radars
  • Offers increased resistance against abrasions and is environmentally friendly
The first industrial paint was manufactured by the Wisconsin Paint Manufacturing Company, the first ever built in Wisconsin, to meet the determined demand of a major manufacturer of internal combustion engines. The problem that arose was one of the most difficult, as no existing color was suitable, which seriously prevented the production of the machines. A completely new and different color had to be 'invented' and it took time, patience and absolute faith in a new thought.

The product manufactured by the laboratories of Wisconsin Paint Manufacturing Company proved how completely justified this belief was, as they completed the project. It met the requirements like no other industrial paint that had been manufactured before and survived in the particular inhospitable environment of the application of the manufacturer of internal combustion engines. It is important to note that this machine manufacturer, even bigger and with even greater variety now, maintaining its decisive demands, is still supplied by Hentzen Coatings.

A large number of industrial customers emerged with ever-increasing numbers, and both the development of production and the research facilities were expanded to a much larger building on North Richards Street in Milwaukee. The beginning of the Second World War accelerated technological development and as a result Hentzen manufactured more species and a greater variety of colors for individuals, but also for military use. Confirmation of Hentzen's achievement was the U.S. Army Award awarded to the Wisconsin Paint Manufacturing

Company in 1944 for its outstanding contribution. This was only one of two awards awarded by the army to members of the paint industry for their development and production during the defence effort during World War II.

In the following years after the war, research continued to proceed and colors evolved. Chemical synthetics were considered the highest point of achievement and quickly became a plateau in a continuous spread of progress, in the field of industrial requirements, where the answers must be accurate, rapid and highly characteristic. Customer demands as well as growth in the '50s became the reason that forced Hentzen to build and move in 1960 to new facilities on 6937 West Mill Road in the Milwaukee area of the art of colors. Continuing this rapid spread of chemical technology, Wisconsin Paint Manufacturing Company became a nationally recognized leader in specialized paint systems and its customers grew accordingly.

This recognition bringing about the adoption of the name Hentzen Chemical Coatings in 1967, which was subsequently refined in 1982 in Hentzen Coatings.

Hentzen Coatings on 6937 West Mill Road in Milwaukee has since expanded, with the addition of new facilities completed in 2001.

"Auto Color Design" has specialized in the painting of vehicles, aircrafts, and special metal pieces with C.A.R.C colors, achieving a high level of quality.

Listed below are applications works that we have executed with great success.


  • DOD-P-15328D
  • MIL-P-53022B
  • MIL-C-53039A (ME)
  • MIL-C-46168D (ME)

    • DOD-P-15328D
    • MIL-P-53022B
    • MIL-C-53039A (ME)
    • MIL-C-46168D (ME)

    • DOD-P-15328D
    • MIL-P-53022B
    • MIL-C-53039A (ME)
    • MIL-C-46168D (ME)
    • DOD-P-15328D
    • MIL-P-53022B
    • MIL-C-53039A (ME)
    • MIL-C-46168D (ME)

    • DOD-P-15328D
    • MIL-P-53022B
    • MIL-C-53039A (ME)
    • MIL-C-46168D (ME)

    • MIL-PRF-85285 (Type I, II)

    • MIL-C-53039A(ME)

    • MIL-DTL-64159 Type I CARC
    • MIL-DTL-64159 Type II CARC

    C.A.R.C paints applications are a demanding process that requires excellent knowledge of the subject and quality control rules.

    In general, we could mention that it is completely specialized and must take place in absolutely controlled and strictly predetermined and stable conditions of humidity and temperature.

    All of the above take place under high protection measures.

    In our facilities, in the latest technology paint ovens that we have, and with our specialized staff, we achieve the desired result by observing the specifications and performing the necessary controls that they define.
The company has a wide range of R-M car colors of the BASF Group BASF, industrial paints FRANCHI & KIM and a wide range of spare parts of refinishing and car care consumables.
Eurobus Company has a wide variety of original and used spare parts of all types of vehicles and cars.